• Morganite & Aquaprase Necklace


    The GIA’s report dubbed it a “bluish-green chalcedony” and concluded that it was “a new and welcome addition to the gem trade.” It was so new, in fact, it didn’t have a name. Melas settled on “aquaprase”—aqua for the blue sea, which the stone evokes; prase for the green.

    Morganite is a form of pink Berl (other varieties of Beryl include Emerald and Aquamarine), colored by the mineral presence of Manganese. It was recently discovered in Madagascar in the year 1910 and named after J.P. Morgan. Metaphysically, Morganite resonates with the Heart Chakra and is best known for the properties of universal Love, commitment, and compassion on the highest of levels. It is also used for deep, emotional healing  (particularly of old and forgotten traumas) and to facilitate a beautiful sense of peace and joy.